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Gerard Damiano's Deep Throat Secured Streaming

Posted 2021.09.18
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Poor linda lovelace, she isn't enjoying sex as mush as she'd like. So, her roommate throws an orgy for her, but even this doesn't get linda off. A visit to the doctor harry reems reveals that the cause of her woes is that her clitoris is actually located deep in her throat. Linda goes home and tries out her advice with no luck.

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That pierced pussy needs a good oral satisfaction. Deep throat is a comedic tale of a young and beautiful lady who is sexually frustrated. During their appointment, he figures out that her clitoris is in her throat and goes about teaching her oral sex skills. In its short year and a half of operation it proved to be one of.

Gerard damiano deep throat

Please tell us which country and city you'd like to see the weather in. Owen wilson and kate hudson interviews. Gangbang archive real orgy party near you. Young, dolly sharp as helen, bill harrison as mr.

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A huge success, it was shown in many mainstream movie theatres.

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Cult movie - the film was written and directed by gerard damiano.

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Helen suggests that linda make an appointment with psychiatrist dr.

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